2 Hearts, 1 Kitchen was created in 2007 and is a Personal Chef and Full Service Catering company operating in Tucson, Arizona, created by Nikki and Matthew Thompson. As founders they share the same strong passion for food and its presentation and believe in making a difference in the entire dining experience, even to those as simple as a dinner for two. Both are formally trained in classic French cuisine and have first hand experience in the preparation of authentic Hawaiian dishes because of their travels and time living on the island; not to mention they have traveled and studied foods in twelve different countries. They look forward to sharing their experiences bringing delicious, beautiful authentic cuisines to you, your family and friends.

Catering Services

  • Weddings
  • Cakes & Desserts
  • Special Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Holidays
  • Cocktail Parties
  • Dinner In
  • Brunch

Sample Menu's + 

Pacific Rim

Chili Water Island Poke

Shoyu Short-rib “Loco Moco Style”, Namasu Rice, Kim Chee

Asian Pear Upside-Down Cake

Su Comida

Rock Shrimp Ceviche, Pasilla, Piña, Mint, Papita

Chicken Mole, Pickled Cabbage, Plaintain, Avocado Cream

Sweet Pumpkin Churro, Tres Leche Anglaise


Antipasto, Balsamic Asparagus, Prosciutto Melon, Bruschetta

Fennel Pork Shoulder, Black Lentils, Artichoke Hearts, Mint Vin.

Almond Pistacho Biscotti, Zabaione


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*Images Used Are Actual Works; dinewellgroup.com/2hearts1kitchen